Boring Fire District

Clackamas Fire District #1 has been providing fire and emergency services to Boring Fire District #59 since 2014, by a contract for service.

Both Fire Districts and voters approved the annexation of Boring Fire District #59 properties into Clackamas Fire District #1.

Once the annexation was approved, the Districts began the dissolution where all assets and properties of Boring Fire District #59 were transferred to Clackamas Fire District #1.

The Boring Fire Board became a Board of Trustees and they met for the last time on Monday, February 6, 2017 to finalize the dissolution and forward to Clackamas County for final approval.

We will be staffing the Damascus Community Fire Station 19 to 24-hours per day, seven days a week, to include firefighter/paramedic coverage.

For more information, please visit the Clackamas Fire District #1 website at: or contact the main administration office at: (503) 742-2600.

Station 19 Grand Re-Opening

Monday, February 27 at 10:00 am

Damascus Fire Station 19 is located at 20100 SE Hwy 212 Damascus, OR 97089.

On Duty Firefighters will now be available 24/7 beginning Monday February 27, 2017!

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Outdoor Burning Rules & Regulations

For agricultural burning, call 503.986.4755.

"Burning Not Recommended" means No Burning in
the district.

Our NEW burn message phone number is 503.632.0211

Boring CPO meeting
The Boring CPO meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Boring Fire Station at 7:00 PM at 28655 SE Hwy 212


Eagle Creek CPO Meeting
The Eagle Creek CPO meets the second Thursday of every month at the Eagle Creek Fire Station at 7:00 PM at 32200 SE Judd Road, Eagle Creek, OR 97022.


Good Morning Damascus
Meets the second Thursday of every month at various locations throughout Damascus and Boring. Meetings start at 7:30 am till 8:30 am.

Visit for locations.